Graft rejection monitoring

April 27, 2023

Clinical relevance of cell-free DNA quantification and qualification during the first month after lung transplantation


Front. Immunol., 27 April 2023
Pedini P, Coiffard B, Cherouat N, Casas S, Fina F, Boutonnet A, Baudey JB, Aho P, Basire A, Simon S.
Front Immunol (2023) 14:1183949


Many studies have reported the relevance of donor-derived cfDNA (ddcfDNA) to monitor acute (AR) or chronic (CLAD) rejection after lung transplantation (LTx), although dd-cfDNA is not rejection-specific. Indeed, the percentage of dd-cfDNA is also increased in case of infection (INF). Whereas the relevance of cfDNA fragmentation is very well known in oncology or NIPT contexts, it has not been studied in transplantation. The aim of this study was to determine the clinical relevance of dd-cfDNA and cfDNA size profiles in two complications (AR and INF) during the first month after LTx to consider cfDNA as a more specific biomarker of LTx follow-up.