Why our products

Our aim is to offer performant tools and to bring high added value solutions to biologists. Our products are designed to meet researchers requirements and needs, providing simplicity, ergonomic design, and time-saving features. They find applications in various fields such as liquid biopsy, nucleic acid analysis and biomolecules detection.

The future
of liquid biopsy

Cell free DNA: a widely used biomarker

More and more, the analysis of nucleic acids in biological matrices is reshuffling the cards of biological research. Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) analysis has applications across a broad spectrum of physiological and pathological scenarios. More specifically, in oncology, cfDNA concentration and size distribution are powerful indicators which allow to monitor at-risk patients and to assess therapy efficacy. Traditional analytical methods typically entail lengthy processes with purification and concentration steps, but not anymore with Adelis technology.

Not only highly precise and sensitive, BIABooster method is also simple, robust, time saving and cost effective. Even high molecular weight DNA can be analysed, up to 200 kb.

BIABooster: the new approach of liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsy classical methods are usually sequential processes, made of several preparation and analytical steps. BIABooster analysis platform enables a one-step only liquid biopsy from a very small volume of blood sample. Its integrated in situ process (concentration, separation, purification, selection and collection) makes it easy to differentiate cancer patients from healthy people and to monitor cancer therapy efficiency. In the future, it will also facilitate further studies about cfDNA biomarker potential.

Adelis products: other fields of
biological applications

Adelis products find various applications in a broad range of fields. More precisely, in addition to their use in the BIABooster analytical hub, Adelis ultra sensitive induced fluorescence detectors (laser: LIF, LED: LEDIF) can also be coupled to a lot of others analytical methods, such as Liquid Chromatography (capillary LC, microLC, nanoLC, UPLC) and Capillary Electrophoresis. Thus, in addition to liquid biopsy, Adelis products have also a lot of others applications in the detection of biomolecules: proteins, mono and polysaccharides, amino acids, immunoglobins and oligonucleotides.

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