Multi Channel BIABooster

The Multi Channel BIABooster platform is a four-channel Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument designed for DNA and RNA analysis, especially using BIABooster technology.


The platform includes several innovative features to offer altogether a great sensitivity in DNA size and concentration measurements, even for unpurified samples, and a very large size range from 0.1 to more than 100 kbp.

Key features of the platform:

Capillary cassettes
with BIABooster devices

BIABooster devices are pre-assembled in ready-to-use cassettes. Installation of the cassettes within the instrument is straightforward, with a self-alignment of the capillary in front of the detection head. You don’t need any special tool or alignment procedure!

Sample loading
and storage

Samples are loaded in a 96-well microplate, with a minimum of 10 µl. The temperature of the microplate is regulated at dew point to avoid evaporation while waiting, keeping sample concentration untouched until analysis.

Full automation of the analysis

With the Multi Channel BIABooster, sample analysis is fully automated, from sample to results. The system converts raw data into meaningful results, proposing several ways of watching at the results. You can choose to look at the raw data, at sample concentration according to migration time, or at sample concentration according to DNA/RNA size. You also can determine sample concentration in any size window or compare several samples at once.

Quality Controls

Several features are built-in within the instrument and its software to ascertain the quality of the results.
A QC report is available for all your runs.

Unrivalled sensitivity

BIABooster size-separation of DNA.
This unique feature enables to inject ~1µL in the capillary device, instead of a few nanoliters injected usually in a plain capillary (see “Discover our technology“).
The usual LOD for DNA fragments inside the size range of an DNA analysis kit is around 10 fg/µL (or 10 pg/mL). Using a multiple injection method, a further 10X increase in sensitivity can be achieved, reaching an LOD of 1 fg/µL (see “Applications Notes AN 2.009“)

Fluorescence profile of a ladder at 0.25pg/µl injected one time and ten times. The multiple injection method has a detection limit 10 times lower compared to that of the DNA 1K method.

Look directly at circulating DNA, or other extracellular DNA in biological fluids

During concentration, BIABooster technology can also purify DNA, washing away salts and other biochemical, since DNA, even fragmented, is a large molecule and highly charged (see “Discover our technology“).
So, you can determine the size profile of extracellular DNA from minute amount of plasma, without needing to extract it before.
This makes the Multi Channel BIABooster, the ideal tool to control the quality of a sample regarding circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA), or even to investigate cfDNA size profile as a simple and powerful monitoring biomarker (see “Clinical studies“).

Look at very large DNA

Separating large DNA is easy with the BIABooster technology.
Using the DNA 100K kit, you will visualise your genomic DNA as you never were able to see it!
Figure shows 3 different preparations of genomic DNA, producing obviously different fragment sizes. Choose the one adapted to your analytical workflow!

Standard electrophoresis is also possible

Voltage can be applied in one or the other polarity, from to 0 to 30000 V. Electric current is measured in each of the 4 capillaries.
So, standard electrophoresis of DNA or RNA is possible, with an effective length of 13 or 24 cm.
The internal high pressure enables a fast replacement of gel inside the capillaries. When necessary, stringent washes can also be applied with washing or conditioning solutions.
The figure shows the electrophoresis of an RNA ladder up to 10 kb (see “Kit RNA10K“) ; the ideal tool to check the quality of viral RNA constructed for vaccines or other therapeutics.

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