We are not only providing high added value analytical tools but also convenient services. They include a very simple process for your DNA samples analyses as well as tailor-made analytical methods development or dedicated trainings.

cfDNA, DNA analysis

Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is now recognized as a potential biomarker enabling personalised medicine for a wide range of pathologies. The analysis of cfDNA is still limited by the low concentrations and complex, expensive and time-consuming methods, leading to performance and reliability problems.
Adelis has launched a FAST, EASY and AFFORDABLE access to new BIABooster technology as a service for DNA analysis and more especially for circulating cell-free DNA analysis. 

Send samples, receive results!

Adelis provides a service for DNA analysis with a 100-1000x gain of sensitivity compared to the best electrophoresis methods. cfDNA analysis services is available for blood plasma samples and for cfDNA extracted from usual extraction kits available in the market.

A simple process

Just send your DNA samples to Adelis and you will receive a comprehensive report including quantified concentration and size distribution in return.

Samples type 

cfDNA samples:

  • 100µl of plasma
  • Or 10 μl of purified DNA containing the equivalent of ~100 μl of plasma or serum.

Other DNA samples: 10 µl of purified DNA containing at least 5 ng/ml for a complex sample, or 0.1 ng/ml for a single DNA band, in the 0.1 – 1.5 kb range.

For other DNA size ranges, please contact us.

Analysis Report
Customers receive a comprehensive report which includes experimental reference, Quality Control samples results and detailed size and concentration results for each sample, as well as a summary table allowing further treatment in spreadsheet like Excel™. Besides, the sizes of main peaks are given, as well as DNA concentration for any size range between 0.1 and 1.5 kb. Moreover, quantitative indicators are given for the presence of smaller or larger DNA.

Analytical methods customisation and development

Thanks to our experience in many applications fields such as glycans, antibodies, amino acids and nucleic acids, our laboratories can offer a wide range of analyses and provide tailor-made solutions:

Contact us for further information