BIABooster CE Pack


The BIABooster CE pack is a plug-in for commercial Capillary Electrophoresis Instruments. It allows to take full advantage of the BIABooster technology and its unrivalled sensitivity for DNA analysis, down to 10 pg/µL per DNA fragment, even for unpurified samples, and its unique DNA size range, up to 150 kbp.

Composition of the BIABooster-CE platform

The proprietary BIABooster capillary device is the core of this innovative analytical platform, enabling inline concentration and separation of DNA. It is mounted inside a cassette also fitting the Agilent CE7100 instrument and Zetalif detectors. This equipment achieves full automation of the analytical methods.

The BIABooster Analytics software has been developed to analyse raw fluorescence data and to translate them into fully informative concentration distribution according to DNA size. This intuitive and user-friendly software contains key features for automating or streamlining QC of the experiments, data analysis, sample comparisons, export of graphs and data, and reporting.

Main Analytical Specifications

Analytical specifications

DNA 1K kit
cfDNA kit*

DNA 10K kit

Other size windows, between 0.1 and 100 kbp
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Sizing range

0.1-1.5 kbp

1-10 kbp

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Sample type

DNA 1K: purified DNA
cfDNA: plasma or other biological fluids

Purified DNA

Sample volume

10 µL

10 µL

Limit of detection, standard method (S/N=3)

10 pg/mL at 1 kbp
100 pg/mL at 100 bp

10 pg/mL at 10 kbp
30 pg/mL at 1 kbp

Limit of detection, multiple injection method**

1 pg/mL at 1 kbp
10 pg/mL at 100 bp

1 pg/mL at 10 kbp
3 pg/mL at 1 kbp

Dynamic range



* cfDNA kit has the same analytical specifications than DNA 1K kit.
** multiple injection method is not available with cfDNA kit.

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