The Multi Channel CE is a versatile four-channel Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument equipped with LEDIF detection.


The platform includes several innovative features to offer together a great flexibility in method design, a rigorous control of the applied physical parameters, and precision in the measurements.

Key features of the platform:

Capillary cassettes

Capillaries are pre-assembled in ready-to-use cassettes. Two lengths are available:

Short capillaries:

  • Ltot=22 cm
  • Leff=13 cm

Long capillaries:

  • Ltot=33.3 cm
  • Leff=24.1 cm

Installation of the cassettes within the instrument is straightforward, with a self-alignment of the capillary in front of the detection head. There is no need of special tool or alignment procedure.

Sample loading and storage

Samples are loaded in a 96-well microplate, with a minimum of 10 µl.
The temperature of the microplate is regulated at dew point to avoid evaporation while waiting, keeping sample concentration untouched.

Fluid handling

Fluid handling is achieved by a robot which:

Multiple CE modes

Voltage can be applied in one or the other polarity, from to 0 to 30000 V. Electric current is measured in each of the 4 capillaries.
Pression can be applied at inlet, or outlet, or both, from 20 mbar to 12 bars. Two regulators are used for optimal precision, one for low pressures, the other for high pressures.
The instrument contains its own internal pressure source, no need for an external pressure supply.
These features enable any mode of capillary electrophoresis (CZE, CGE, MEKC, CEC, CITP) or Taylor Dispersion Analysis (TDA).

Main specifications

4 capillaries run in parallel

22 or 33 cm long capillary device

LED induced fluorescence detection

Fluorescein excitation and emission wavelength*

Size width x depth x height

90 x 60 x 80 cm


110 kg

Power supply

110-250 V; 50-60 Hz

Max power consumption

1 kW

Capillary voltage

From -30 to +30 kV


20 mbar – 12 bar, at inlet, outlet, or both

Capillary temperature

20 – 55°C

Sample temperature

Dew point

Number of samples

Up to 96

Number of different reagents

Up to 8

*For other wavelengths, please contact us.

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