DNA 10K Kit

01 Overview

The DNA 10K kit is designed to determine the size profile of double stranded DNA samples in the 1 to 10 kb range with the BIABooster system. The kit is designed for 50 samples, excluding standards. For PCR products, the unrivaled sensitivity of the method makes possible to decrease the number of PCR cycles by 10, increasing further the specificity of the assay.

02 Specifications

Analytical SpecificationsDNA 10K Kit
Sizing Range1-10 kb
Limit of Detection (LOD) (1)10 pg/mL at 1kb
50 pg/mL at 200 bp
Sizing Accuracy± 3% from 1 to 6 kb
± 5% from 6 to 10 kb
Sizing Reproducibility< 3% CV
Quantitative Range for DNA Fragments40 pg/mL to 10 ng/mL
Quantitative Range for Biological Samples0.5 – 400 ng/mL for DNA smear
Quantification Accuracy± 20%
Quantification Precision< 20% CV
Sample Volume10 µL (1 µL injected)
Salt Concentration (2)0-15 mM
Turn Around Time (LoSalt method)70 minutes
Kit Stability > 6 months
Aging tests in progress


1 Limit of detection : concentration for that signal to noise ratio (SNR) equals 3. Signal : height of the fragment peak. Noise : peak-to-peak noise measured on the baseline.
2 For NaCl in TE

03 Kit Content

The DNA 10K kit includes:

  • Running buffer DNA 10K, 40 mL
  • Capillary conditioning solution, 10 mL
  • Fluorescent dye, 10 tubes of 25 µL
  • DNA ladder, 3 tubes of 55 µL
  • Filters and syringes, 10 pcs
  • Glass inserts, 65 pcs

Fluorescence trace obtained for the standard ladder used in the DNA 10K kit. Total ladder concentration is 42 ng/mL.

dna 10k ladder

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