BIABooster Analytics

01 Overview

The BIABooster Analytics software is designed to analyze raw fluorescence data and to translate them into fully informative concentration distribution according to DNA size, using calibration with a standard sample. This intuitive and user-friendly software contains key features for automating or streamlining QC of the experiments, data analysis, sample comparisons, export of graphs and data, and reporting.

02 Key Features

  • Display of both raw and processed data, zooming capabilities
  • Display of both individual and several samples of a batch
  • Automatic definition of baselines and peaks, possible manual adjustments
  • DNA concentrations are given for user to define size range or according to applications
  • All graphs and tables can be exported as images or text files
  • Automatic reports compatible with usual word processing programs

03 Benefits

  • User-friendly interface: be operational in only a few minutes
  • Fast and efficient: all you need, and only what you need, to analyze your data

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