01 Overview

With the BIABooster system DNA concentration as low as 20 pg/ml per fragment can be readily analyzed

Thanks to innovative on-line concentration and separation techniques, the BIABooster system enables DNA size profiling with an unrivalled sensitivity.
This opens up a new way for characterizing tiny amount of DNA. For the first time, cell-free circulating DNA in plasma, residual DNA in a bioproduct, low input sequencing library… are easy to assay.


02 Technology


The BIABooster is a plug-in for commercial Capillary Electrophoresis Instruments. It works with µLAS technology, in which applying simultaneously hydrodynamic and electric fields in a viscoelastic buffer generates a stable on-line concentration of DNA at the junction between two capillaries of different diameters. After concentration, a progressive change in hydrodynamic and electric fields results in size separation. Separated DNA peaks are detected by laser induced fluorescence.

Up to 1 µl of sample is injected in the device, to be compared to a few nanoliters injected in an usual capillary or microchip electrophoresis. This allows the analysis of very diluted DNA samples, invisible in electrophoresis techniques.

03 Data Processing

The BIABooster Analytics software has been developed to analyze raw fluorescence data and to translate them into fully informative concentration distribution according to DNA size.

This intuitive and user-friendly software contains key features for automating or streamlining QC of the experiments, data analysis, sample comparisons, export of graphs and data, and reporting.

04 BIABooster System

What do you need for profiling DNA using BIABooster?

BIABooster Capillary

A proprietary device for injecting, concentrating, and separating DNA

BIABooster DNA 1K & DNA 10K Kits

Contains all reagents & plastic wares to analyze 50 samples.

BIABooster Cassette

Holds the BIABooster Capillary in the CE machine

BIABooster Analytics Software

Translates raw fluorescence traces into a quantified mass distribution according to size

05 Benefits

  • Ultra Sensitive : 100 to 1000 more sensitive than state-of-the-art electrophoresis systems
  • Ready-to-use information : the BIABooster Analytics software translates raw data into size and concentration information.
  • Automation : take advantage of the automation capacity of CE

06 Applications to ccfDNA

Getting a DNA profile of plasmatic free DNA is almost impossible using existing electrophoresis systems.
But it is an easy thing with the BIABooster!

Circulating Cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) is now recognized as a potential biomarker enabling personalized medicine for a wide range of pathologies. The BIABooster can be used both to QC DNA samples before PCR or sequencing, and to study ccfDNA size profile according to clinical situations.

07 Main analytical specifications

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